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gucci purses|cheap gucci belts gucci purses,cheap gucci belts,gucci online ´╗┐Acid Attacks Perpetrated Upon Women Previously published in Examiner Women in the thousands in South Asia, have been victims of sulfuric acid attacks. The perpetrators are males and their motives are not clear. They could be scorned suitors, or husbands feeling that their wives have done some wrongful deed that merits this kind of abuse and torture. The acid has caused blindness and has fused skin together. Abuse and torture it is, because the women not only suffer the pain, they lose their facial features, and are fated to live their lives in alienation, emotional pain, and health problems. two years of ontheground research and factfinding conducted by four New Yorkbased groups: Kalantry's Human Rights Clinic; Cornell Law School's Avon Global Center for Women and Justice; the New York City Bar Association; and the Virtue Foundation, which acts in a consultative capacity to the United Nations on global health care, education and empowerment initiatives was conducted on this issue The funding came by way of a grant from the Avon Global Center for Women and Justice. One country, Bangladesh, is taking on the responsibility to stop these heinous crimes. Between the years of 2000 to 2009, there were 2,198 cases reported and only 439 criminals were brought to justice. However, acid attacks are dropping since Bangladesh is taken measures to convict the perpetrators. The cases of acid attacks have dropped from 367 in 2002, to 116 in 2009 which is promising. Now it is time to get Cambodia and India on board with legislation. Kalantry is planning a forum in India hoping to get government officials from the three countries attending and involved in wiping out this crime against women. Montreal women as well as other Canadian women and American woman are appalled by this practice. We never thought it could happen in our own countries. However, it appears that one Vancouver, Washington woman wanted to take advantage of the public outcry on this heinous crime and report that she had been a victim of an acid attack in America. After a fullscale investigation, The Montreal Gazette reported that the so called victim, admitted she threw the acid in her own face. One can only speculate on why this woman would do such a thing in the first place and then blame in on another. When you have men attacking women the solution is simple EDUCATION, learn to fight back learn to LOOK pretend youre a plane you go above the cloud in between the cloud around the cloud below the cloud what does CLOUDs have anything to do with this?. The online store to buy gucci Bags of designer most fashion. 1:1 top high Fake gucci .Buy gucci handbags from gucci outlet store online, the best place to get cheap gucci online.