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gucci watches|black gucci belt gucci watches,black gucci belt,gucci mens wallets ´╗┐Acedemicos da Rocinha Samba When we talk about sambaschools in Rio de Janeiro, we normally think of traditional names like Portela, Estao Primeira de Mangueira, Salgueiro and Unidos da Tijuca SambaSchools. But a relatively new sambaschool in Rio de Janeiro has emerged in the last Carnivals of Brazil because of its creativity and structure: Academicos da Rocinha (which means "small ranch" ). Being established in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Rio, So Conrado, "Academicos da Rocinha Samba School" has grown tremendously over the last 10 years, being champion 6 times in smaller Samba Groups like Group D, C, B and A. In 2005, with Carnival Producer Alex de Souza, they won the Group A Carnival Title, which granted them access to the elite samba group in Rio called "Special Group". One of the reasons for their success was the hiring of established Carnaval professionals like legendary Carnival Producer Joaosinho Trinta, and Carnival Queens like Adriane Galisteu and Fabia Borges. Lets take a closer look at Academicos da Rocinhas profile. Acadmicos da Rocinha samba school had its origin on the thirty first of march 1988 coming from three street blocks from Rocinha slum: The "Imprio da Gvea" , Sangue Jovem and "Unidos da Rocinha". Its symbol is a butterfly and the colors are Blue, Green and White. They paraded for the first time as a samba school in 1989 at Group 4, parading on Intendente Magalhes Road at the Campinho neighborhood, in Rio. At the time, their Carnaval producer was Joozinho Trinta and that year the school achieved the championship and went up to Group 3. In 1990, the school was champion of Group 3 and in 1991 of Group 2 taking them up to Group 1 where they remained until 1996, year that achieved a second place and granted the right to parade for the first time in the Special Group. From 2002 onwards, the Acadmicos da Rocinha samba school remained on Group A and in 2005, with the samba theme "Um Mundo sem Fronteiras" the school achieved the championship and had the right to parade in 2006 again for Special Group. However, the school ended up demoted to the Access Group after a parade with 371,7 points. On 2008 Carnival, Max Lopess assistant, Fbio Ricardo, made his debut as Carnaval producer. That year, Academicos da Rocinha Samba School achieved a second place with Imprio Serrano as champion of the second league of Rios Carnival, called "Acess Group". In 2009, So Conrado neighborhood school made a tribute to cartoon artist J. Carlos the theme "Tem Francesinha no Salo. O Rio no meu Corao" achieving the third place with 239 points, remaining at Access A Group for 2010 Carnaval. Rocinha SamabSchool will remain with Carnaval Producer Fbio Ricardo for 2010 Carnaval and is looking for another comeback to the so cherished Special Group with the samba theme "Ykamiabas", based on a book that tells the saga of warrior woman that arrived in the Amazon ten thousand years ago. Rocinhas history is a proof that with much effort and samba passion, a beautiful and organized Carnaval sambaschool can be created in relatively short period of time. All gucci handbags outlet sale supplied on our store are produced by the original equipment producer.2013 Cheap gucci Handbags on sale with free .gucci mens wallets.