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gucci shoes|gucci scarf gucci shoes,gucci scarf,gucci handbags sale ´╗┐accused of shooting nephew in back TCPalm PORT ST. LUCIE A 79yearold man accused of firing a shot Wednesday that struck his nephew in the back was arrested on a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, according to an affidavit released Thursday. Llewellyn Edwards, of the 500 block of Euclid Lane in Port St. Lucie, was arrested by St. Wednesday incident at a home in the 400 block of Southeast Gasparilla Avenue. Arriving deputies found Wilford Edwards, whose age was not immediately available, with a gunshot wound to the back, and Llewellyn Edwards and a woman in a van about 30 feet away. Wilford Edwards said he couldn't feel his legs and that he'd been shot as he walked away from the van. Wilford Edwards was taken to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center Heart Institute in Fort Pierce, where an official on Thursday said he was listed in critical but stable condition. Llewellyn Edwards told investigators he owns the home and rents a room to his nephew, Wilford Edwards. Llewellyn Edwards said he hasn't gotten rent money since August and he was in the process of telling his nephew he had three days to leave. Llewellyn Edwards said his nephew began yelling he was going to kill him as Llewellyn Edwards left. Llewellyn Edwards said he pointed a revolver at his nephew to "scare him." "I shot a warning shot at the door next to where he was standing, but accidently hit him," Llewellyn Edwards is quoted by deputies as saying. Llewellyn Edwards said he went to the home to collect money from his nephew and that they started to argue. Llewellyn Edwards said he pointed the revolver from inside his van at his nephew. He said he fired once toward his nephew because he was mad. He said he thought there was an eightfoot gap between the two. A measurement at the scene from the center console of the van to where Wilford Edwards was found yielded a distance of about 30 feet. Investigators found a handgun in the driver's side door of the van. There are always 2 sides to a story. Last year this old man robbed my friend of $40,000+ and caused her great heartache and headache, but we all know that God does not sleep and deals with everything in His time. How long did Edwards think he could get away with robbing people????? Did he think that the God who protects His children would sit by and watch him rob person after person. People trusted him because he is an old man, and you would expect better from someone his age, but he had the robbing experience, and the sweet mouth to convince quite a few and get their money from them. Well. for me justice has been served, just seeing him in his blue outfit. behind bars. Created by senior designers, gucci bags are usually so different with others. In gucci outlet, one of an absolutely preferred handbags will be gucci handbags sale.