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Help Desk!

Please help us identify these coins!
1720 - SWEDEN? 1720 SWEDEN? Front Photo - Rear Photo
Can you help me identify this coin?
2 - IRISH COIN?? 2 IRISH COIN?? Front Photo - Rear Photo
Is this an Irish coin. Can you help me identify?
1 - PHILLIP II SPAIN?? 1 PHILLIP II SPAIN?? Front Photo - Rear Photo
I blieve that this is a coin of Phillip II of Spain. It may be a Ducato? Can anyone help me further? Also out of interest how much would you say the holing of this coi effects the value?
1790 - UNKNOWN COIN. HELP!!! 1790 UNKNOWN COIN. HELP!!! Front Photo - Rear Photo
Can you help me identify this coin?
1701 - UNKNOWN COIN. HELP!!! 1701 UNKNOWN COIN. HELP!!! Front Photo - Rear Photo
Can you help me identify this coin?
11 - 11 - ROMAN COIN - HELP!! 11 11 - ROMAN COIN - HELP!! Front Photo - Rear Photo
Roman Coin - Can anyone give me any detail on this coin?
1848 - NAPOLEAN MEDAL - HELP!! 1848 NAPOLEAN MEDAL - HELP!! Front Photo - Rear Photo
Can anyone tell me more about this coin / medal. It appears to me to be celebrating an election victory.
1 - Indian Coin?? HELP!! 1 Indian Coin?? HELP!! Front Photo - Rear Photo
I know nothing about this coin. Can anyone help??
Can anyone help me with this coin? Holed but still very interesting.
1920 - Not Geld?? HELP?? 1920 Not Geld?? HELP?? Front Photo - Rear Photo
i dont know much about Not Geld. Can anyone tell me more or identify town / area of the coin?

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Random Member Intro:  comitalo

Profile: I am new to the site and looking to possibly find a place where others may have coins I am looking for to complete my collection and at the same time I may have some that you may need.

Interests: Below are a list of coins I am currently looking to obtain: PENNIES 1941(S), 1942(S), 1943(D), 1943(S),1945(S),1947(D),1948(S),1949(D),1949(S),1950(D),1950(S),1951(S),1952(S),1954(S),1955(S),1969(S),1971(S) x2,1972(S),1973(S),2013(D),2014(D) NICKLES 1938,1938(D),1938(S),1939(D),1939(S),1941(S),1942,1942(D),1942(S),1943(D),1943(S),1944,1944(D),1945,1945(S),1946(S),1947(S),1948(D),1948(S),1949(D),1949(S),1950,1950(D),1951(S),1952(S),1953,1953(S),1955,1958,1959,2009(P),2013(D),2014(D) DIMES 1946,1946(D),1946(S),1947,1947(D),1947(S),1948,1948(D),1948(S),1949,1949(D),1949(S),1950(D),1950(S),1951,1951(D),1951(S),1952(D),1952(S),1953,1953(D),1953(S),1954,1954(D),1954(S),1955,1955(D),1955(S),1956,1956(D),1957,1957(D),1958,1959(D),1960,1960(D),1961,1961(D),1962,1963,1963(D),1964(D),2009(D),2013(D),2014(D) QUARTERS 1948(D),1948(S),1949,1949(D),1950,1950(D),1950(S),1951,1951(D),1951(S),1952,1952(S),1953,1953(S),1954,1954(D),1954(S),1955,1955(D),1956,1957(D),1958,1958(D),1959,1959(D),1960,1960(D),1961,1961(D),1962(D),1963(D),1964(D), 2004 Florida (D) 2004 Wisconsin(D) 2005 Kansas(D) 2005 Minnesota(D) 2007 Utah(D) 2007 Montana(D) 2008 Oklahoma(D) 2008 Hawaii(D) 2008 Alaska(D) 2009 Northern Mariana Islands(D) 2009 Amerian samoa(D) 2009 District of columbia(P) 2009 District of Columbia(D) 2009 U.s. Virgin Islands(D) 2010 Hot Springs(D) 2010 Yellowstone(D) 2010 Yosemite(D) 2010 Grand Canyon(P) 2010 Grand Canyon(D) 2010 Mount Hood(D) 2011 Gettysburg(P) 2011 Gettysburg(D) 2011 Glacier(D) 2011 Olympic(D) 2011 Vicksburg(D) 2011 Chickasaw(D) 2012 Chaco Culture(P) 2012 Chaco Culture(D) 2012 Acadia(D) 2012 Hawaii Volcanoes(D) 2012 Denali(D) If you have any of these and would like to sell or trade for any that you may need, please contact me. Thank you.

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2017 - Isle Of Man £1 gold round pound

2015 - 2015 Buckingham Palace Silver for sale

2017 - benjamin bunny

2009 - 20 kopecks

2009 - 1 рубель (1 rouble)

2009 - 2 рублі (2 roubles)

2004 - 2 euro finland


2006 - 200th Anniversary of the birth of Isambard Kingdom Brunel [2006] circulated £2 coin

2000 - 150th Anniversary of Public Libraries Act [2000] circulated 50p piece

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